The Ellwood School Parent Teacher Association (PTA) coordinates parent-school activities, volunteer programs, fundraising, and financial support for school projects and programs.  The PTA provides a means for parents to be involved directly in the school and to enhance the education of all students.  All Ellwood parents and adult family members are invited to attend PTA meetings.

What does your PTA do besides fundraising?

Back to School Potluck BBQ – The PTA Hosts a BBQ at the September meeting. This is a great opportunity to meet other Ellwood families and get involved in the PTA.

Fall Carnival – Families come to play carnival games and mingle with the Ellwood community. We need many parent volunteers to make this event a success.

Holiday Craft Night – One evening in December the PTA has a holiday craft night.  A fun night for kids to make gifts for family and friends. Volunteers will be needed.

The Talent Show – Parent volunteers in collaboration with the PTA run the Ellwood Talent Show. This is a wonderful opportunity for Ellwood students to showcase their talents.

Book Fairs – PTA hosts two Scholastic book fairs for families – one in the Fall and one in the Spring. The fall book fair raises funds for the Ellwood PTA and the Spring book fair provides a BOGO (Buy-one Get-one Free) purchase incentive.

Teacher Appreciation Luncheons (3 per year Sept/Dec/May) – An opportunity for families to show their appreciation for our teachers. Families provide tasty dishes, deserts or beverages for teachers to enjoy during lunch.

Our Yearbook – the PTA takes, collects and gathers pictures and organizes them to create the annual Ellwood Yearbook.

Classroom Technology – For many years the Ellwood PTA has supported the expansion of classroom technology.  Through a Special Grant Fund money is available for classroom technology purchases.

The PTA provides funding to support:

  • Ellwood Outdoor Classroom
  • Classroom Supplies ($400/class)
  • Cultural Arts
  • The Ellwood Garden
  • Class Field Trips ($200 per class)
  • Science Night
  • Our Computer Specialist
  • Parent Square
  • Certified Tutors
  • 6th Grade graduation

How does the PTA do it?

  • Through volunteers like YOU!
  • Through key fundraisers like Jogathon,  Auction, Axxess books, Monarch Miracle (which is ongoing year-round) and membership dues.

These fundraisers support events such as Garden, Outdoor Classroom, Science camp, swing dancing, assemblies, and End of Year activities.

We also help facilitate 5th/6th grade Camp Account Fundraisers, which include: Genevieve gift catalog,  Axxess Book sales ongoing  throughout the year, we sell ice cream on Fridays (Frozen Fridays), and we put on After School Movies during conference weeks in November and March.