Login help

If you are having trouble logging in, here are some suggestions to try for the different programs.  See exceptions to the formats at the bottom of the list.

Google Drive:
Example:  joanbarnett@goletausd.org (whole first and last name@goletausd.org); all passwords are different.  See your teacher or Mrs. Barnett if you need help.

STAR 360 (Renaissance Place): Usernames and passwords are same as for Google Drive accounts, as shown above.   Only available on campus, during school hours.

Lexia Core 5:
Example: joanbarnett (whole first name, whole last name);  all passwords are the google passwords.

Exception:  K and 1st graders use the format of joan4 (first name with number 4), and passwords are 1234.  If there is more than one K or 1st graders with the same format, their user names have a 1 or 2 added.  For example, if there were two students with the first name of Joan, the user names would be joan41 and joan42.  The “4” indicates that the student is at Ellwood School.

Example: joanb645 (whole first name, first letter of last name, 645); all passwords are 1234.  Don’t forget to add the “645” to your user name!  These accounts may not be set up yet, but Mrs. Barnett will do it as soon as possible.

Most NitroType usernames are in the same format at Typing Web or using Google accounts.

Britannica encyclopedia online:
User name is csl2018; password is preview.