Get Involved!


There are lots of ways to be involved at Ellwood School!  It’s fun, and shows your children that you, too, are enthusiastic about our school.

Support Ellwood!

Here’s an easy way to support Ellwood without leaving the comfort of your computer chair:  use the button to the right.  When you are buying things online, and Amazon donates a percentage to our school.  If you want to learn more about how this works, click here.  Last year over $1,400 was raised for Ellwood School just by adults clicking on that link before making a purchase.  Tell your friends and family about this button too!  Anyone can use it, safely and securely, and help earn $ for our Ellwood school programs that support our students!

Consider being part of the PTA team!  There are so many opportunities to help, and with many helping hands, the work load is made lighter for all. Be sure to sign up for Parent Square, too.  That’s the #1 way we keep everyone “in the know” about activities and the latest news.

You can volunteer in the classroom, too.  Talk to your child’s teacher to find out more.  Lower grade teachers especially appreciate reliable parents coming in to help with easy, but time-consuming activities, like stuffing the “Friday Folders”.  The more time you can help do things like this, the more time the teacher has to teach!